Luger, P08 Holster



See pictures below

This listing is for a very nice Luger "Hardshell" holster. 

It is dated 1941 and has some of the clearest markings that you could ask for.

Look at the pictures.  This is a very nice holster.  Buy it with a pistol and pay no additional shipping.

Other than firearms and edged weapons, I have little in the way of German items.

You can contact me at if you are interested.

I will accept payment by...
Cash in person
USPS money orders
Bank wire transfers
Gold or valuable gems ;-)

Unfortunately the bad guys got here before you with other forms of payment. 

I am not a dealer.  I am just a retired fellow whose retirement plan did not meet it's promises, so my collection must go to pay bills.

Stop back from time to time because the offerings will change as I have time to list.
I will be listing till all are sold.



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