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M 1941 Johnson Rifle for sale


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The serial number is A4***. The next block of 10,000 would have started with B0001 and there were only about 30,000 (Depending on who you talk to.) made and the U.S. Marines used only about (Depending on who you talk to.) 10,000.  That makes it one of the rarest US Military weapons around.
Of the survivors, many were sporterized, many were stripped for parts and many are simply in poor condition.  You will find few in original condition as nice as this one.

This is a beautiful rifle and it tears my heart out to sell it, but unfortunately the time has come.  I collected firearms for years and this is the pride of my military collection. It is a classic piece of American military history because so few were ever used by our military. 

The Dutch Government in exile ordered rifles for use by their navy and troops in the East Indies. These rifles curiously, were produced in .30-'06 cal. instead of the standard Dutch 7.92mm 

Soon after production had started, the newly created Marine Corps parachute echelons became interested in the Model 41 due to the easy ability of removing the barrel.
It was soon purchased for the US Marines from the Dutch government and adopted for paratroop use. 

I bought this from a gun shop that had it on consignment from the marine paratrooper who (As the story goes) carried it for a short time in the Solomon Islands.  I looked for 10 years at lesser examples of the make till I found this one.  I don't need to describe how gorgeous this weapon is because you can see it for yourself in the pictures.

It draws a crowd every time I take it to the range.  Nobody asks to shoot it, they just ask to hold it for a little while. 
How many times have I heard, "Is that a 41 Johnson?  I heard of them, but never saw one, can I hold it".

You can own many guns, but owning a 41 Johnson puts you in an elite group, the "Johnny Club".
If you own one that was used by the US military, you are a member of a very small club, indeed.

I will accept payment by cash in person, USPS money orders, bank wire transfers, certified checks, Western Union wire transfer, gold or valuable gems. ;-)
  Your bank will tell you they are the same.  They are not.
The bad guys got here before you with other forms of payment.

 First born children and wives are not accepted, I have enough of them. ;-0

I am not a dealer.  I am just a retired fellow whose retirement plan did not meet it's promises, so my collection must go to pay bills.

OK, here's the fine print...It's an old gun.  I will not warranty that it is safe to shoot. As with any used weapon, one must have it checked by a gunsmith prior to firing.
Shipping and FFL costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.
The sale must comply with all state and federal laws in effect at the time of the sale.

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